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Average Cost of a Wedding Surges in 2017

| February 28, 2017

The Knot, a website dedicated to helping couples plan their wedding, recently released the results of their 2016 survey on wedding trends. Among the findings was that the average cost of a wedding increased nearly 10% in 2016 to $35,329. The increase in price is surprising given that the average number of wedding guests decreased in 2016. However, the average cost per guest increased from $194 in 2009 to $245 in 2016. Rising  costs were a result of couples selecting more unique entertainment options such as live bands, games, photo booths, and even fireworks.

Of course, the cost of a wedding varied significant-ly by location. The average cost of a wedding in New York City was $78,464 in 2016 versus just $19,522 on average in Arkansas. Yet, it is unlikely that destination weddings in Little Rock will catch on any time soon.

With the skyrocketing cost of getting hitched, parents may want to start saving now. And having boys is no longer an excuse for failing to financially plan for wedding costs. With the total cost of a wedding increasing, it has become more and more common for the groom’s parents to cover more of the cost than in the past.

After the wedding, there is the honeymoon. The average couple spends $3,400 on their honey-moon, bringing the total cost of the wedding and honeymoon to nearly $40,000.

The total cost can vary widely, of course, as budget conscious couples are often able to save large amounts. The key is to plan ahead and shop around when selecting a venue and service providers. And by all means, couples should avoid going into debt to fund their wedding