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Retirement Planning



We Help You Plan And Prepare For The Retirement You Deserve

These days, many people are retiring earlier and living longer. In addition, many of today’s retirees want to lead a more active lifestyle, and those activities can require additional financial resources. As a result, planning and funding retirement can be more challenging than ever.


At Planned Solutions, we believe that retirement planning is a balancing act. Retirees must balance their financial resources (Social Security, pensions, investments, etc.) with their expenses (taxes, mortgage payments, retirement spending, and other spending goals). They also need to develop an investment strategy designed to balance investment risk and the return needed to meet long-term spending needs.


To help our clients achieve their retirement goals, we use a three part retirement planning process:


Retirement Planning – This step involves uncovering our client’s retirement goals through the use of questionnaires and personal interviews. We then develop in-depth financial models to identify the financial risks and opportunities unique to each client.


Tax Planning – This step involves incorporating tax planning into the retirement plan in order to identify tax-saving opportunities. Often proactive tax planning can reduce the percentage of a client’s financial resources that go to taxes, allowing them to use those resources to fund their retirement lifestyle goals instead.


Investment Management – In this step, we explore the effect that the uncertainty of the financial markets may have on a client’s long-term retirement plan. The goal is to find the right mix of investment strategies that give the client a high likelihood of meeting their retirement needs while managing their risk.


Once the right balance is found, we help our clients implement their plan and monitor it over time. The retirement plan is used as a baseline from which we can monitor a client’s progress, evaluate new opportunities, and make adjustments as circumstances change.


This process often reduces our client’s anxiety about money and allows them to focus on enjoying their retirement.