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Who We Are

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Mission and Values

An organization’s mission defines its purpose.  Planned Solution's mission is: “To enrich our client’s lives.”

Roy Disney said: “Decisions are easy when values are clear.”  Our core values are:


• We will put our client’s best interests first. We will make business, investment, and financial decisions based on what we believe to be in our client’s best interests.

• We will encourage professional development and self-improvement. In order to serve others effectively, we must first look inward and take steps to be the best we can be professionally, personally, and as members of our communities.

• Our primary purpose as a firm is to serve others. We will strive to meet our client’s financial needs, uncover additional service opportunities, and seek out others who may also benefit from our services.

• We will treat others with respect and communicate openly and honestly. We will foster an atmosphere of trust-building, teamwork, and fun.


A strategic vision describes the route the company intends to take in developing and strengthening its business.  Our strategic vision is:


To grow the company to become a regional leader in financial planning and investment management services while maintaining strong client relationships and high ethical standards.