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Beware Coronavirus Related Scams

March 25, 2020

Unfortunately, thieves and scammers are an innovative bunch. They have proven adept at altering their tactics to all different environments and ways to separate people from their hard-earned money. The Coronavirus outbreak appears to be no different. Already there have been reports of a number of different Coronavirus scams that are being reported by law enforcement agencies. 

Even though we are in scary and uncertain times, it is still important to stop and think about any offers, emails, or other communications related to the Coronavirus.

To start, maintain your normal precautions against phishing e-mails and internet links. Many scammers have switched gears and instead of sending fake e-mails from the IRS or financial institutions they are sending e-mails that are designed to look like they were sent from health related government agencies. The e-mails offer information about the virus and encourage the recipient to click on a link that purports to offer more information but will actually compromise their computer’s security. Also, some internet sites look like they are offering information about the Coronavirus but contain links that may compromise your digital data.

It is also important to be on the lookout for fake testing offers. There was recently a report of thieves going door to door offering fake Coronavirus testing in order to rob homeowners.

Finally, there have already been scams around the proposed stimulus payments the government may send to individuals. In some cases, people are being asked for their bank account information to receive their government payments. Instead, the scammers use the information to clean out the account.