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Tax Planning


Reduce Your Tax Burden

For many people, taxes will be their largest expense over their lifetime. In addition, income taxes are often linked to many other areas of our financial lives. Income taxes can affect how much money we have available to spend, when we can retire, the return that we get on our investments, and even how our financial affairs are conducted after we pass away. Yet, many people spend very little time thinking about how they can legally reduce their income tax burden or better coordinate their income tax planning with other areas of their financial lives.

At Planned Solutions, we believe that no financial plan is complete without a review of how a client’s income tax situation can be managed to reflect their financial goals. When it all comes down to it, financial goals are most often funded with a client’s after-tax financial resources. Therefore, reducing the income tax burden may free-up financial resources that can be used to fund other goals.

Tax Preparation

As part of our services, we prepare income tax returns for clients – and others looking for a trained professional to complete their taxes.  Our fees are competitive with the major chains and tax firms.

We pride ourselves on preparing thorough and accurate tax returns and helping clients do appropriate tax planning – matching withholding or estimated tax payments with expected income rather than over-withholding; maximizing the use of appropriate deductions; and planning ahead for required minimum distributions.

Our tax services are provided by an on-staff Enrolled Agent and CPA.

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